Correspondent Lending Automation

Standalone or LOS Integrated Correspondent Lending Software

OC Correspondent™ is a turnkey correspondent mortgage technology module that unifies all aspects of the correspondent lending process.

Correspondent Mortgage Lending: A Turnkey Solution

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Expand Your Correspondent Lending or Conduit Business

Whether you’re looking to expand your existing correspondent lending channel or conduit aggregators, or launch a completely new channel, OpenClose’s OC Correspondent™ mortgage technology module is proven to help lending entities succeed.

The correspondent lending and conduit business has gained increasing momentum in the last couple of years, presenting new market share opportunities to capture. To do so, you need the right correspondent lending technology to effectively support the entire channel. Without leading correspondent/conduit technology, however, effectively operating a correspondent channel can become a challenging undertaking.

OC Correspondent can be leveraged by mortgage banking entities as a standalone technology module or as seamlessly integrated with our LenderAssist™ loan origination system (LOS).