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FinTech Providers: Which Loan Origination Software Vendors are Growing? 

When it comes to loan origination software, if you’re not seeing ongoing innovation, regular enhancements and new integrations, it may be time to look for a new vendor.

OpenClose has been busy bolstering its staff to continually optimize its software performance for customers and add robust functionality. We have hired knowledgeable staff that possess a unique combination of both mortgage technology and mortgage lending experience. This includes senior software developers, integration specialists, and technical support staff.

Our customers don’t look at us as just a vendor, but as a long-term trusted technology partner that they can grow with. OpenClose’s LenderAssist™ LOS and other web-based mortgage software solutions are being leveraged in a variety of institutions, including mortgage banks, credit unions, community banks, conduit aggregators and other lending entities.

Nothing on the market comes close to our 100% multi-channel web-based LOS, highly responsive boutique-style customer support model, and flexible company structure.  You’ll never be just a number at OpenClose. Contact us to learn more about our FinTech-level innovation and why our customers love us so much.