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Get to Know OpenClose Featuring Kathy Olsen

Kathy Olsen: A multi-tasker, a positive thinker and one of the most powerful women in fintech

There’s one thing about Kathy Olsen that makes her an excellent colleague and an even better friend: She is a doer! You need to get your hands on a document ASAP? It’s already in your inbox. You’re hosting a dinner party? She’s collecting dishes and cleaning your kitchen.

Kathy buzzes with a productive energy that most of us long to have, so it’s no surprise that she has successfully climbed the leadership ranks at OpenClose during her 12 years with the company to become the Director of Support Services. And she’s so remarkable at her job – building a stellar team by championing communication and consistent training – she was recently named one of the Most Powerful Women in Fintech by Progress in Lending and late last year she was recognized by Mortgage Professional America as an Elite Woman.

But what may come as a surprise, especially to her colleagues who witness her relentless work ethic and unwavering dedication to her job (she truly does love mortgage technology, just ask her about it), is how much Kathy does when she’s out of the office. For someone who spends so much time working, it’s remarkable that she has the energy to do anything after-hours. And yet, she does. And that energy is a huge part of who Kathy is.

An avid reader, Kathy reads absolutely everything – directions, manuals, labels! – and is in two book clubs, one for the classics and one for popular new releases. She is also very creative and a big hobbyist, finding satisfaction in a good DIY craft project, like making centerpieces for a baby shower. She loves music, playing both the piano and guitar, and is a huge John Mayer fan. A multi-tasker at heart, she is the type of person who just doesn’t like to sit still, preferring to get up and do and see instead, whether that’s practicing yoga, taking a walk, or volunteering for the American Cancer Society and Alzheimer’s Association, among others.

When she’s not working or reading or crafting or exercising, Kathy and her husband of 22 years like to travel together, visiting far-flung destinations like Ireland (she is 100% Irish and has dual citizenship), or exploring beach resorts in Florida, where the Millburn, New Jersey, native now lives. There, you can find her finally relaxing, enjoying a Vegan meal and a crisp glass of Pinot Grigio.

The mom of two grown sons, Kathy is a nurturer at heart who is always looking to make people feel better. (She’s the person who will never hesitate to call out something like, “I love your shoes!” to a passerby.)

It’s this natural inclination to dispense compliments and emit positive energy that makes people gravitate toward Kathy, whether they need help solving a problem at work or just want to know what she’s read lately. For the team at OpenClose, working with Kathy means they’ll get the job done right – and they’ll enjoy themselves along the way.