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HousingWire Honors the “Disruptive Loan Origination Software Vendor” Again with a Nod to Its Tech 100 List

And the Mortgage Fintech Award goes to: OpenClose

HousingWire Honors the Disruptive Loan Origination Software Vendor Again with a Nod to Its Tech 100 List  

OpenClose®, the leading mortgage fintech provider and omni-channel loan origination system (LOS), was again named to HousingWire’s 2021 Mortgage Tech 100 list. The award recognizes the most innovative and impactful companies instrumental in revolutionizing the mortgage process – from origination to closing and secondary marketing through servicing.

HousingWire singled out OpenClose as one of the mortgage industry’s only LOS providers to develop an end-to-end, browser-based, multi-channel platform that also includes a robust front-end POS experience. Award judges at HousingWire further stated that the consolidated LOS and POS remedies the long-time problem of needing multiple vendors to accomplish what OpenClose does from a single, centralized, end-to-end solution. Of note, throughout 2020 OpenClose had tremendous success with its browser-based LOS, helping lenders easily transition to a work-from-anywhere environment when the pandemic made location flexibility mandatory.

“Due to years of secure, SaaS-based architecture, our products were well-positioned to assist lenders in quickly leveraging our technology to navigate unchartered territories brought upon the global pandemic,” said JP Kelly, president of OpenClose. “Our entire team is honored that HousingWire acknowledged us as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking software firms in the U.S. real estate and housing economy.”

HousingWire also highlighted OpenClose’s development of a RESTful API suite as another reason it made this year’s Tech 100 list. The suite, called IntegrationAssist™, dramatically speeds up third-party integration timeframes, reduces costs, and facilitates ease of system-to-system connectivity.

“After the uncertainty and unpredictability of last year, we expected a greater adoption of technology. However, these 100 real estate and mortgage companies took digital disruption to a whole new level and propelled a complete digital revolution, leaving a digital legacy that will impact borrowers, clients and companies for years to come,” said Brena Nath, HousingWire’s HW+ Managing Editor. “Knowing what these companies were able to navigate and overcome, we’re excited to announce this year’s list of the most innovative technology companies serving the mortgage and real estate industries.”