Loan Origination System

End-to-End, Multi-channel
Loan Origination System

LenderAssist™ is the only completely web-based mortgage loan origination software solution that can automate all business channels and workflows from a centralized platform.

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The Last Mortgage Lending Software You’ll Ever Need

Loan Origination System

The majority of the loan origination systems (LOS) that are commercially available today have deficiencies and issues ranging from antiquated technology, an inability to scale, inflexible workflows, customization limitations, long implementations, require internal resources to maintain and additional issues.

Mortgage lenders operating in today’s profit-pinched, regulatory-intensive business environment are challenged to find mortgage lending software that is web-based, end-to-end and multi-channel that is capable of automating all lending processes and business channels—in full compliance, from soup-to-nuts for mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions.

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[us_iconbox color=”custom” icon_color=”#00b4aa” bg_color=”” iconpos=”left” title=”Automate All Lending Channels”]LenderAssist™ is a multi-channel, end-to-end LOS platform. OpenClose’s mortgage lending software centralizes and fully automates the wholesale, retail, correspondent, and borrower direct business channels.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fa-thumbs-o-up” color=”custom” icon_color=”#00b4aa” bg_color=”” iconpos=”left” title=”Be Fully Compliant”]LenderAssist™ takes the worry out of adhering to ever-changing rules and regulations. It has been fully updated to meet the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure (TRID) requirements, and with the click of a button you’ll instantly know whether loans are QM/ATR. Compliance business rules can be configured that ensure compliance thresholds are not exceeded and nothing is missed. Everything is well documented with detailed audit trails.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fa-tablet” color=”custom” icon_color=”#00b4aa” bg_color=”” iconpos=”left” title=”Effectively Manage Your Documents”]LenderAssist™ allows permissioned users to easily access and work on borrower documents from a centralized area. Efficiently image and store all documents in a secure location using our proprietary imaging system.[/us_iconbox]
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Easy to Use

LenderAssist™ is straightforward and intuitive mortgage banking software for lenders, banks and credit unions.

Users move effortlessly and seamlessly from screen-to-screen, maximizing employee productivity and reducing costs.

Go Live Quick

LenderAssist™ is highly configurable mortgage banking software that allows lenders to customize their workflows and business channels.

End-to-end implementations can be completed in as little as 60 days, depending on specific lender needs and configurations.

And, unlike many LOS providers, we don’t put the onus of configuration on the mortgage lender like some vendors do; we do the heavy lifting for them.

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Access via Browser

LenderAssist™ is a 100% web-based mortgage banking software that is delivered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis.

There are no installs whatsoever, thus creating ease of accessibility and reducing maintenance costs.

The entire LOS can be securely accessed from anywhere, at anytime, from any computer or mobile device.

Ability to Grow

LenderAssist™ is a very scalable, flexible LOS that grows with your mortgage business.

Heavy spikes in volume are never an issue. OpenClose’s mortgage lending software that has multi-channel capability, enabling you to easily launch and/or grow new business channels or scale back on others.

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Robust Reporting and Analytics

Business Intelligence™ is our reporting and analytics module of its mortgage banking software platform that analyzes lender data and provides dashboard-level custom reports, so you can make more intelligent, profitable business decisions while managing risk.

Things like KPIs, forecasting, performance management, risk mitigation and more can all be presented in easy-to-read graphical charts along with reporting details and logic for management.

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