Loan origination software: When they’re ready for mortgages, will your LOS?

hatsMillennials Won’t Shop for Mortgages Like Their Parents.

Millennials: as they are faced with college loans, home ownership may not be the ideal way for them to create long-term savings. Predictions of decreased homeownership rate points to lower industry loan origination volumes in the years ahead. The status quo has shifted. Have your lending practices?
As millennials focus on finding work, you may want to focus on how to alter your marketing when they’re ready for a mortgage. Those millennials who do buy will demand one-stop, online shopping – self-service models with forward facing technology. 

Is your loan origination system prepared to meet the needs of the next generation of homeowners? Let OpenClose help you graduate to the next level. It’s the fastest, easiest, most compliant way to maximize profits today and tomorrow. See what we have to offer, download information on what to look for in an LOS, then contact us when you are ready.

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