Loan Origination Software Features


The Lender Assist™ mortgage software allows users to create loan files in various methods, through 1003 data entry, FNMA 3.2 upload, from the loan quick pricing engine, consumer website, and OpenClose lead generation feed partner of Zillow®.

It provides the latest tools for two-way communication including faxed, scanned and uploaded documents housed in borrower loan file for later viewing and submission to processing and underwriting. Compliance-ready communications provides updates for both originator and borrower.

Lender Assist provides real-time status during the entire loan process plus communication tools and automated notifications of the loan as it moves through the system. It provides pre-determined groups of documents that can be defined by State, loan type and more. It interfaces with many vendors including credit, AUS, flood and more. There is no easier, faster more secure way to originate a loan on the market today.

  • All Web-based mortgage software empowers originators with the ability to create loans from any location on desktop, laptop, or iPad®.
  • Pro-active monitoring and reconciliation to compliance requirements provides peace of mind for lender and borrower alike.
  • Integrated, pre-packaged, digital forms increases accuracy and reduces data entry errors.


For file processing, our document imaging system provides for the ultimate solution for paperless loan file storage. A borrower’s folder can contain system forms and scanned or faxed in documents that can be electronically sorted and stacked for organization, underwriting submission, post closing, investor delivery and  for future audits and/or accounting. Our bar-coded fax cover sheet lets you send the fax from any fax machine.

Clients who use LenderAssist mortgage software have access to our library of forms. The icon-driven tracking screen presents due by date, comments area and a companion report to easily determine which documents are outstanding for every loan in the processor’s pipeline.

  • No need for paper trails or large file folders. Everything is imaged, backed up, and easy to print.
  • Emailed documents are encrypted and password protected.
  • Underwriting Queue expedites loan submissions. No more guess work on who has what.

Lock Desk

The lock desk provides an engine that captures loan details for the appropriate loan product and returns current pricing for the originator to effectively price and sell a offering to the borrower with confidence. Originators can then request a lock or float to which the lock desk can generate an electronic response.

The Lock Desk can respond to the request after manually validating the information or can choose to automate the process with an auto-response confirmation.

  • System calculates expiration date based on lock period request for you.
  • The system captures all loan level adjustments and factors in the SRP schedules.
  • System will also take holidays and black-out periods into consideration.

Secondary Marketing

Mortgage lending software designed for the changing needs of Correspondent Lenders, Lender Assist tracks all types of commitments (Best Efforts, Mandatory, Bulk, AOT).  Bulk Commitment features include, the creation of new commitments and the automatic assignment of  loans to them in order to track commitment and or trade fulfillment.

  • Easily tracking commitment activity ensures no potential pair-off fees or other penalties for missing commitment deliveries.
  • A report designed for commitment fulfillment is built into the system.
  • Robust report writer allow Secondary Marketing to manage pipeline thru various reports.
  • Export of information via Excel, CSV or XML for easy bidding on groups of loans.
  • Version history of lock commitments are imaged and easily accessible for review.


Underwriters have a wealth of information, data, and tools at their fingertips to return the most accurate and up-to-date decisions. They can choose to integrate AUS findings into the conditions list, choose from the provided conditions, or instantly create their own.

Our extensive Pre-written pick list allows underwriters to create “condition packages” based on whatever criteria they wish including loan type, area of responsibility and workflow.

Clearing conditions is made easy through uploaded document viewing. Our system tracks who cleared the condition and when with a complete audit trail.

  • Automated response pick list provides for quick status notification.
  • When needed, HMDA screen is easily accessed by the underwriter.
  • At-a-glance™ tracking screen allows the user to quickly assess the loan status.


Closers can populate the fees screen from the GFE with one click and then choose to edit or add fees. The handy escrow/impound calculator takes the guess work out of required collection amounts. We even provide interfaces with multiple doc prep companies. Thanks to doc imaging, everything you need is always easy to find, securely store, and print when you need them and accessible from anywhere.

  • Expedites the closing processing by removing redundant data entry.
  • Tracks every item or event during the closing process.
  • Makes the closing documentation stage completely electronic and paperless.


The Funding role can be executed by anyone on the Operations team for easy access and navigation. In just one screen, users with access to funding can capture all of the key date and financial data needed to disburse and fund a loan.

The system allows for detailed information based upon the selected Warehouse Bank including the maximum advance amount allowed and the resulting variance or “haircut.”

  • Funding can be handled by anyone on the Closing-Funding-Post Closing team.
  • More than 40 fields available to capture Funding data including disbursement details, Warehouse Bank information and Wire tracking.


The Post-Closing screen encompasses multiple functions including post-closing, shipping and delivery, government insuring and final document tracking. Track post-closing “stips” in one place to ensure swift delivery of loan to investor.

Identify investor deficiencies by adding and tracking them on the post-closing conditions screen.

  • No third-party tracking systems required.
  • One-click date tracking requires little or no training.
  • Smart screen™ technology knows who and when changes are made.
  • Automation of registration of loan to MERS


Lender Assist provides for easy interfaces with all major accounting packages like Quick Books®, Quicken®, Great Plains® and Jack Henry®.

And our loan level tracking provides accounting department with vital transaction details for reconciliation without having to leave our system. Pre-calculated net variance displays the lock price versus investor purchase price for profit at-a-glance. Warehouse Bank interest and fees costs are also captured on the accounting screen.

  • Basic commission tracking included.


Lender Assist provides the industry’s most comprehensive reporting system because it allows inclusion of key fields from all departments. Any user can report on their own pipeline while Managers can report on all pipelines. All reporting results can be saved, rerun and edited for future use.

All reports automatically create documents that can be exported into other systems such as Quickbooks®, loan servicing systems and Crystal® reports.

  • Drop down pick-list allows for reports to be created quickly.
  • Database structure allows for comprehensive detailed reports in seconds.


Lender Assist differs from most all loan origination systems on the market because it is 100% Web-based making all of its features accessible from any Internet connection. Our clients can designate unique Web addresses (URLs) and brand our software to provide users a private labeled system.

Our clients have control of user login creation, security level, and de-activation as needed. The system allows for up to three key administrators so feature set up can, security, privileges, etc. can be handled by more than one person.

In addition to corporate setup, the customer can add branches and/or brokers with different names and default values for maximum flexibility.

  • Loan Program templates and Closing Cost Scenario templates provide default values for TIL and GFE.
  • GFE Fees can be defaulted and “locked down” by the customer, so the user cannot change the fee.
  • Customer can configure Workflow based on business needs.
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