Loan Origination System: Simplify –not slow down –the process

We know the mortgage lending business can be a complicated with all the steps, rate changes, coordination and third-party interfaces. And in recent years, the addition to regulations, failsafes, and increased compliance issues have added yet another layer of complexity to the process. The older lending solutions were just not designed for lending in the new world.  A new loan origination system should simplify the process– not complicate it.

So before you sign up for that new loan origination system, ask around. Some of our competitors offer lending solutions that are unnecessarily complex and end up confusing and frustrating users. Lending solutions should be “complete,” but they need to be fast and easy or no one will use them. And their idea of support is a manual they email when the check clears. Harsh.

OpenClose provides a complete, end-to-end Web-based loan origination system for banks, credit unions, and lenders. It’s one, seamlessly integrated solution. The back-end functionality provides you with all that you need through post closing, while the front end is simple, intuitive and compliant. It includes a custom consumer-facing website, program eligibility and pricing engine and complete document management and imaging system. All developed in-house by OpenClose. We’ll train you in webinars or even come to your office.