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Loan Software: Is yours integrated or sewn together?

Does your loan software look like this?

What does integrated loan software mean to you? For many vendors, it means stringing together different solutions from partner companies like a quilt. The result is a blanket solution that covers up the real issues. It also means that there are more loose threads to unravel.

At OpenClose we offer an integrated solution for pricing, loan creation, and document imaging. It’s all developed in-house. 

OpenClose supplies a complete, end-to-end Web-based solution for banks, credit unions, and lenders. The back-end functionality provides you with all that you need through post closing, while the front end is easy, fast, and intuitive for borrowers and originators. It includes a
consumer-facing website and complete imaging system. All developed in-house by OpenClose. Confused by what they mean my “integrated”?

Lender Assist begins with consumer-facing website that allows prospects to see today’s rates, prequalify, and push a lead into an originator’s pipeline. It provides complete mortgage functionality from prequalification, creation and includes loan processing, and underwriting.

Our pricing and product engine is an accurate, affordable loan pricing engine that’s maintained by bankers and interfaces with Zillow® for lead generation. Maintained and updated throughout the day.

Finally. The completely digital loan. All forms, faxes, and scans are securely stored in borrower-specific folders. Sort, stack, and print.

Lender Assist comes with all the back end banking including secondary marketing, shipping and accounting, and post closing software.