Business Intelligence

Mortgage Lending Analytics + Reporting

OC Optics™ is a dashboard-level, data-driven reporting that maximizes operational efficiencies

Mortgage Reporting Analytics Software

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Easy Data Analytics Access

Residential Mortgage Lenders need Mortgage Analytics Reporting Software to make intelligent business decisions for the mortgage organization. Without robust, integrated mortgage reporting analytics software, you can be left in the dark.

Competitive Advantage

As the mortgage industry contracts, you have to be “in the know” at all times. Visibility is paramount in the mortgage lending, especially with numerous changing compliance rules and regulations. Making sense of complex, hard to find data is a powerful, invaluable way to analyze organizational efficiency, profitability and risk.

Make Better, More Informed, Timely Decisions

Our OC Optics™ module provides comprehensive business analytics and reporting extrapolates data and makes sense of what is often untapped data that empowers you with detailed information to execute better, more informed, faster decisions. Mortgage lenders need to fully understand how the business is performing at all times.

Maximize Productivity + Performance

OC Optics™ provides you with the visibility and metrics necessary to adjust business activities in order to maximize organizational productivity and performance. The completely broswer-based solution peers into various functional areas within a mortgage lending enterprise to return valuable information in real-time.

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Easy-to-Read Graphical Charts at Your Finger Tips

Once the desired data is extrapolated, it is placed into straightforward graphical charts for department managers. Easily output mortgage data from xls, csv, doc, pdf, html, xml, rpt and other file formats.

Robust Reporting

Dashboard-level reporting makes sense of all the information. Things like KPIs, forecasting, performance management, risk mitigation and more can all be presented in easy-to-read graphical charts along with reporting details and logic.

Different Lenders Have Different Needs

You of course have a number of different lending departments, areas and functions that are specific to your mortgage business, which you need to analyze and report on. Business Intelligence is completely configurable and can be tailored to your specific business requirements and delivers actionable data that enables lenders to oversee and manage organizational effectiveness.

Up-to-the-minute Performance Information

OC Optics™ can be custom-configured to provide up-to-the-minute performance information about the entire lending organization. The solution can be configured to stratify and compare data by channel, company, mortgage branch, operational discipline and user. The OC Optics™ module integrates with OpenClose’s LenderAssist™ LOS.