Mortgage banking software: competitive advantage or disadvantage

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Is your core mortgage banking software a competitive advantage or disadvantage…or worse, going out of business leaving you stranded?


Could this be you?

 Problem: We understand how daunting the task of selecting or replacing an LOS is. The market is slowing down, which can be the very best time to upgrade your technology.

 Answer: Leverage your business long term position by having a fully integrated lending solution, from Pre-Qual to post Closing… imaging to interim servicing…yes one system!

 Solution: At OpenClose, our process starts with your needs. Get rid of the bottlenecks and maximize pipeline profitability through seamless integration to AUS, investors, warehouse lenders and more.

 Results: The lenders that succeed as the future unfolds will be those who can quickly convert legacy systems and get back to expanding their production capacity, maintain and control fixed costs, and provide excellent customer service.