The Best Mortgage LOS

Experience the Difference on the OpenClose 100% Browser-based, Configurable, Omnichannel Mortgage Loan Origination System

Whether you close 50 loans per month or 5,000, our LOS and it’s native mobile app allow your Loan Officers to enhance efficiencies and reduce costs. With OpenClose, you’ll open smarter and close faster!

The Last Mortgage Lending Software You’ll Ever Need

The OpenClose Mortgage LOS

The OpenClose LOS, LenderAssist™, solves the challenges banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders have with today’s other commercially available loan origination systems. The result? More and more banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders are turning to OpenClose than ever before.

OpenClose understands that you operate your mortgage business in a profit-pinched, regulatory-intense environment and that you need a mortgage LOS that helps you address these challenges and surpass expected ROI. That’s why we designed our software as a 100% browser-based, end-to-end, omnichannel solution that:

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1. Centralize and Automate All Lending Channels

  1. Retail
  2. Wholesale
  3. Correspondent
  4. Consumer Direct”

2. Maintain Full Compliance

  1. Automated Reg-Z monitoring
  2. Automated Reg-B monitoring
  3. Automated COC monitoring
  4. Realtime QM/ATR monitoring
  5. Realtime critical change alerts
  6. Detailed audit trails

3. Efficiently Manage Your Documents

  1. ODR support for instant document classification and routing
  2. Secure document delivery via borrower / member portal
  3. Easily access borrower / member documents
  4. Instantly work on borrower / member documents
  5. Gain permissible access from a centralized area
  6. Image and securely store documents via our proprietary imaging system”
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Reduce your costs and maximize Loan Officer productivity with our:

  1. Intuitive UI
  2. Straightforward UX
  3. Seamless screen-to-screen transitions
  4. Effortless workflow

Go Live Quick

  1. System configured based on your unique business needs
  2. End-to-end implementations in as little as 60-days*
  3. Configurable workflows and business channels
  4. OpenClose managed implementation project
  5. OpenClose performs the “heavy lifting” unlike other software providers

*Depending on your needs and configurations”

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Anywhere, Any Time Access

  1. 100% browser-based
  2. Zero installs or downloads
  3. Secure, simple access from any device
  4. Reduced maintenance costs”

Grow Your Business

  1. Multi-channel capability
  2. Scalable and flexible solution
  3. Easily grow or launch new business channels
  4. Scale back less productive business channels
  5. Automated capacity scaling
  6. Growth-friendly pricing
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Robust Business Intelligence and Analytics Reporting

  1. Realtime access to actionable lender data
  2. Enhance decisions based on intelligence and analytics
  3. Increase profitability while better managing risk
  4. Custom, dashboard-level reporting, easy-to-read KPIs, forecasting and performance management charts
  5. Automated report distribution
  6. SMS trigger alerts