Training & Support
Second-to-None Mortgage Software Support

Highly Responsive, Boutique-style Support

At OpenClose, we’ve developed a unique boutique-style technical support model that is very hands-on, personalized, and responsive. Our entire mortgage software solutions support team is based in the United States, and our customers get to know our support people on a first name basis. You’ll never become “just a number” at OpenClose.

Highly Skilled, Knowledgeable Trainers

Our mortgage software trainers are loaded with mortgage banking as well as mortgage technology experience. We’ll get you up and running quickly and ensure that your staff is fully trained with virtually no disruption to operations. We aim to make company-wide ramp up times swift, thus quickly yielding positive results and a strong ROI.

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business people group with  headphones giving support in  help desk office to customers, manager giving training and education instructions

Unmatched Customer Support

Our mortgage lender customers will tell you that OpenClose’s level of support is second-to-none. They take comfort in knowing that we are hands-on and immediately respond to questions, quickly provide answers, and promptly resolve any and all issues.

We provide support via an online portal, phone, and e-mail to provide customers with multiple ways to conveniently contact us for prompt, easy Help Desk responses.

Extensive Training

In person mortgage software training sessions can be held on-site at our corporate headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida or via structured, classroom-style training webinars. We aim to have your employees trained prior to the go-live date and quickly get up-to-speed on system usage and features/functionality to facilitate post-training user adoption.

We succeed when our customers become experts in OpenClose.

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Optimize System Utilization

We don’t just stop after the initial implementation training process. At OpenClose, we continue to work with your team to answer questions and ensure that every facet of our mortgage software platform is being utilized to its fullest extent in order to maximize staff adoption, optimize system usage, and make the product highly effective for all employees. And we always keep you in the know of any changes, new feature and enhancements.

Our entire team is well-versed in working with the LoanOrigination System™ LOS, Product&Pricing Engine™, OC Correspondent™ module, ConsumerPOS™ website, and Business Intelligence™ data analytics and reporting module. Some of our trainers and support staff were once actual OpenClose users when they worked at mortgage lending entities.