Consumer POS

ConsumerAssist™ Enterprise POS enables comprehensive mortgage automation in an industry experiencing greater competition and margin compression to maximize profitability and sustainability amid any marketplace condition.

Accelerate Your Borrower Experience Through Heightened Engagement & Automation

POS and LOS Integration from Open to Close

Many lending organizations are turning to single-source digital mortgage POS and LOS automation to attract, capture, and manage new leads while quickly navigating borrowers through the entire application process which dramatically reduces your loan-manufacturing costs and secures more business.

ConsumerAssist™ Enterprise POS delivers what today’s borrowers want: a completely self-service experience with easy, quick access to information about home loan mortgages, as well as, pre-qualifications and visibility into the lending process from Open to Close.

Elevate The Borrower Experience, Increase Leads, Decrease Costs, Improve Efficiency

ConsumerAssist™ Enterprise POS launched in response to increasing market demand for single-source digital mortgage POS and LOS automation.  This fully consolidated lending platform dramatically reduces loan-manufacturing costs, grows lead generation, elevates the borrower experience, increases pull-through ratios, and closes loans faster by delivering an engaging lending experience that effortlessly and quickly navigates the borrower through the entire application process. It creates a highly attractive, straightforward and interactive experience for borrowers and can be conveniently accessed via all the web accessible devices, providing portability and accessibility at any time and from anywhere.

Whether you need to provide a completely self-service borrower experience and/or offer Originators many of the same tools within their retail and wholesale changes, ConsumerAssist™ Enterprise POS solves your problems.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Slash Origination Costs
  • Elevate  Your Borrower Experience
  • Increase Leads & Close More Loans Faster
  • Instantly Source VOE, VOI, VOA & Tax Returns
  • Secure Document Capture & Tracking
  • Real-Time Borrower & Partner Collaboration
  • Device Agnostic
  • Microservices Tech Stack

Robust Decisioning Capability

OpenClose’s mortgage Product&Pricing Engine™  (PPE) can be used behind the scenes of your consumer mortgage lending website to determine precision-based eligibility and pricing for borrowers who elect to run a pre-qualification.

Current Investor Guidelines

OpenClose’s experienced Program Builders maintain up-to-date investor guidelines and pricing for you.

Investor names and loan products for consumer direct mortgage lending can easily be private-labeled as your own programs.

Custom, Borrower-Facing Web Design

OpenClose’s web development division builds on-brand, engaging, borrower-facing websites, branch sites and Loan Officer webpages for your consumer mortgage lending website. ConsumerAssist™ Enterprise POS can be combined with ConsumerAssist™ Web.

ConsumerAssist™ Web’s capabilities are proven to produce high-impact, robust websites for banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders that take your consumer direct mortgage lending to the next level.

Custom Web Development

OpenClose’s custom website design will highlight your company’s unique identity and branding. This can be done for branch and loan officer web pages, as well as mobile applications to create the most personalized experience possible.