The Best Mortgage Point-of-Sale
For Banks, Credit Unions and Mortgage Lenders

Imagine a POS that Produces Up to a 80%* Application to Decision Rate? We Did with Our ConsumerAssist™ Enterprise POS!

In an industry experiencing greater competition and margin compression OpenClose designed our ConsumerAssist™ Enterprise POS to maximize your profitability and sustainability amid any marketplace condition by enabling comprehensive mortgage automation.

*Results can vary and are not typical

Convert More Borrower / Member Applications with Our On-Brand, Engaging and Intuitive POS Solutions

Reimagining the Borrower Experience from Open to Close

ConsumerAssist™ Enterprise POS launched in response to increasing market demand for single-source digital mortgage platform. OpenClose helps you deliver what today’s borrowers want: an interactive, self-service experience with easy, quick access to information about mortgage options, as well as, pre-qualifications and visibility into the lending process.

Additionally, many lending organizations are turning to OpenClose’s single-source digital mortgage POS and LOS automation to attract, capture, and manage new leads while quickly navigating borrowers through the entire application process which dramatically reduces your loan-manufacturing costs and secures more business.

Key Benefits

The ConsumerAssist™ Enterprise POS is a fully consolidated lending platform that:

  1. Attracts top loan originators and referral partners
  2. Slashes your origination costs
  3. Reduces your manufacturing costs
  4. Increases your pull-through rates
  5. Closes loans faster

Key Features

  1. Automated workflow
  2. Instantly source VOE, VOI, VOA and Tax Returns
  3. Secure document capture and tracking
  4. Realtime borrower and partner collaboration
  5. Device agnostic
  6. Microservices tech stack

Robust Decisioning Capability

OpenClose’s mortgage Product&Pricing Engine (PPE) can be used behind the scenes of your consumer mortgage lending website to determine precision-based eligibility and pricing for borrowers who elect to run a pre-qualification.

Current Investor Guidelines

OpenClose’s experienced Program Builders maintain up-to-date investor guidelines and pricing for you.

Investor names and loan products for consumer direct mortgage lending can easily be private-labeled as your own programs.

Configurable Web Design

When you combine ConsumerAssist™ Enterprise POS with ConsumerAssist™ Web you will:

  1. Highlight your institution’s unique identity and branding
  2. Elevate your borrower experiences on a high-impact, engaging yet straightforward website
  3. Effortlessly and quickly navigate borrowers through your entire application process
  4. Give borrowers total flexibility and convenience to access on all web-accessible devices
  5. Grow your application to decision ratio


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