Mortgage software and LOS: A joint venture with customers


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From the start, a joint-venture strategy manifests with OpenClose focusing on a clear matrix of business, technical and user characteristics that ensures a successful roll-out based on mutual rewards and trusts.

But we believe that customer support begins before a company becomes our customer, and that partnership starts on the sales level. Our salespeople – like our implementation and support team – bring real-life mortgage banking experience. We feel that this prevents much of the confusion that can occur when implementing a new lending solution.

The OpenClose Implementation Model has been created to ensure new clients a successful training map that will guide them to their go-live date smoothly and on time. At OpenClose, we feel that training is the most critical part in setting up the system to what matches the new customers business plans. Our in-house trainers each have a minimum of 20 years mortgage experience to help guide you to a successful implementation.

A senior account manager with a minimum of 15 years mortgage banking experience is assigned to the account that will report directly to the C-level staff within OpenClose. This specialist will handle the implementation, training and customization/enhancement requests for new customers bypassing the first tier support desk

A team of specialists is also on staff to provide additional support that may be needed during this implementation phase. Once the client is live, all members of the AM’s team are available to handle any support calls that may come in. All calls are taken live and are not sent to voice recording to be returned in the order they are received. If for any reason a specialist is not available, all calls are returned within the hour or by the end of each business day.