New Mortgage Software Enterprise Reporting Module

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West Palm Beach, Fla.  Oct 4, 2012 — OpenClose, mortgage software developer, has released OC Optics: a new Enterprise Reporting System that combines configurable management dashboard tools with a powerful graph and reporting solution to be used with its loan origination software.

OC Optics provides management production reporting in an easy-to-configure, dashboard solution. Through a variety of color-coded graphs and charts, users can quickly focus on what’s important without having to sift through volumes of spreadsheets or reports. Users can customize the content and appearance of the dashboard, immediately returning info on business issues critical to their role. Management gets all the tools necessary to understand production performance and create pricing strategy and production policies for the entire organization.

“How can you make critical business decisions without critical data ” says JP Kelly, OpenClose president. “Do you have the information you need to support your production policies and pricing Do you truly know which loan officers, branches, correspondents or brokers originate the most profitable production, or perhaps more importantly, the least profitable production With OC Optics, now you do.” OC Optics utilizes the latest web-based technologies, designed to allow organizations to consolidate information from multiple data sources (e.g. loan origination, servicing, accounting) into a single, graphical view of the organization. From the dashboard, users are always just a click away extracting critical information into a Microsoft Excel workbook for further analysis or saving reports as PDF documents for distribution. The system is accessible via a web browser, tablet device or smart phone.

Until now lenders had to cobble together output from loan origination systems, spreadsheets and separate risk management tools in an attempt to analyze their loan production. OC Optics brings it all together in a single web-based solution, combining comprehensive reporting from all areas of the organization. OC Optics provides up to the minute performance information about the entire organization. Review key metrics such as: Pipeline Composition Pipeline Velocity Underwriting Expected Closings Corporate Cash-flow Those interested in a demo of OC Optics or other mortgage software should register for a demo at