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OpenClose Continues to Prioritize Customers with Growth-Friendly Pricing™

As a true mortgage technology partner, OpenClose prioritizes customers (even when it comes to pricing). It’s just one of the reasons why we have the highest Customer Loyalty!

When OpenClose was just an idea on a napkin, co-founders JP Kelly and Jason Regalbuto realized that the existing mortgage technology business models prioritized the needs of themselves (the vendors providing the technology) over the needs of their clients – the banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders whose operations depended on them.

To JP and Jason, the whole scenario felt a bit like “opposite world.” Where else could you find an industry full of paying clients who were forced to cater to the whims of the technology they were paying good money to use? And why did clients accept this?

Maybe because there was no alternative on the market? Maybe because one vendor did it and all the others thought they could get away with it? They didn’t know why, but they set out to change it.

And that’s where OpenClose began – with a mission to correct this inherent imbalance and put the needs of paying customers at the very top of the list (every…single…day).

That’s because at OpenClose, we prioritize you, our customers! We do this to reduce, if not eliminate, unnecessary challenges your business faces. We’re here for you whether you’re shrinking in a tough market or reaching new heights when good times are rolling.

We demonstrate this not only in our industry-leading customer service and award-winning software, but also in our best-in-class pricing model. No one else in the mortgage tech space, right now, is offering their customers this level of pricing flexibility and we’re very proud of that!

We do this through our Growth-friendly Pricing™ structure, which gives you the ability to grow (both your users and your loan volume) when needed, and then contract (not below contracted minimums), and then grow again – without holding you to those new minimums based on the caps you experienced during business pits or swells.

At OpenClose, we’re people too, and we recognize that business ebbs and flows. More than that, we’re mortgage people – we understand your world and speak your language. We’ve surfed those ebbs and flows ourselves and we understand what you’re going through.

We’re not interested in penalizing customers who are enduring inevitable swings in volume or users. We’re in it, with you, for the long run and we’re going to ride those lows right along with you because we know that with our support, pricing and technology, you’ll get your business to other side. That’s the difference that our customers experience with a true mortgage technology partner versus the vendors they’ve used in the past.

But it’s one thing to claim that your solution is the best, and quite another to show it. Check out this video to see for yourself how our flexible pricing structure works. Connect with us to set up a demo and learn how OpenClose can give your business the competitive advantages it needs to rise above the rest. You can schedule your demo here.