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OpenClose Is Paving the Way for Women in Financial Technology

Generally, women are underrepresented in the fintech space—a disparity that OpenClose is actively changing.

Women in the Fintech World (Macro)

Traditionally, the world of financial technology (fintech) has been heavily skewed toward men. So, it’s no surprise that Business Today’s Online Journal found that less than 30% of fintech employees are women. And, as the Journal points out, this disparity is bound to become more glaring as the industry grows.

“By 2025, despite the pandemic’s impact, the fintech industry is estimated to grow by 20% and hit $305 billion in market value, meaning that the gender gap will soon widen even further,” the Journal stated.

But that’s not the case at OpenClose, where women in leadership are shining, and, across departments, women are joining our company in record numbers!

Industry-Recognized Women

At OpenClose, we strongly believe women have so much to offer the fintech world, as well as our company. As such, we proudly support the women on our team and recognize that they are a leading reason for our company’s continued success.

For example, Director of Support Services Kathy Olsen was recently recognized by Progress in Lending as a Most Powerful Woman in Fintech and by Mortgage Professional America as an Elite Woman. Additionally, OpenClose’s April Cave, director of Implementation Services, was recognized by National Mortgage Professional as a 40 Under 40 Influential Achiever.

Women at OpenClose Compared to the Fintech Industry

Beyond our women in leadership, we have also added more women to our overall staff than men since January 1, 2021. As of the latest OpenClose hiring data (shared November 3, 2022), 50% of OpenClose employees were women, a fact that all of us at OpenClose are tremendously proud to share! In fact, other exciting statistics show continued growth in the number of women that OpenClose employs:

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Ultimately, our goal is to keep bringing incredibly talented people into our fold so that we may continue providing the highest quality mortgage technology solutions, implementation, and support to our bank, credit union, and mortgage lending clients. We’re excited to have so many highly qualified women on our team to help further this goal—not only does it provide important diversity to our workplace culture, but it also shows just how impactful women-focused STEM education initiatives have been within OpenClose!

If you or a qualified friend/colleague is interested in joining our team, please view our currently available positions. Become part of a growing mortgage technology company—which was recently acquired by MeridianLink®and join us in Reimagining Mortgage Technology!