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Mortgage Technology Solutions Eye On Technology

OpenClose Mortgage Technology Solutions Offer Customers a Competitive Advantage

When OpenClose started more than 20 years ago, we began with a commitment to provide mortgage software solutions that would stand the test of time. We wanted the technology we created to be accessible at any time, from anywhere, and we used our mortgage industry and technological expertise to do just that.

Now, we continue to offer solutions that adhere to our founding pledges to:

  • Constantly “skate to where the technology puck is going” as opposed to where it is by providing cutting-edge products
  • Maintain the ability to pivot when our customers experience unique challenges brought about by an ever-evolving marketplace

These guiding principles became points of differentiation for us in the marketplace, propelling us forward and enabling us to give our customers competitive advantages they can’t find elsewhere. We even talk about it in this video. That’s one of the reasons why independent surveys rate OpenClose No. 1 in customer loyalty for both our Mortgage Loan Origination Software and Point-of-Sale solutions.

OpenClose was the first mortgage technology software available through a 100% browser-based SaaS model. Even in the early days, we were already ahead of our time — our software did not (and does not) have to be installed or downloaded. Because of our forward-looking technology, OpenClose customers have been able to work from anywhere they want whenever they want from the first day they launched OpenClose. And as the pandemic changed the way many in the mortgage space worked, OpenClose solutions were prepared for the ‘work-from-anywhere’ world and became even more critical to our customers by continuing to allow them to conduct business in the new normal.

Our Mortgage Loan Origination Software Checks All Your Boxes

The OpenClose Mortgage LOS, LenderAssist™, solves the challenges that banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders experience with other loan origination systems. We know that our customers have to profitably run their mortgage businesses while dealing with an evolving regulatory landscape, new compliance mandates and margin compressions, and we work every day to provide solutions that make your job better, easier, more efficient and more profitable.

We understand that you need a mortgage loan origination software that assists you in dealing with the everyday business challenges you face while exceeding your ROI goals. That is why we created software that features a 100% browser-based and omnichannel solution. It consolidates and automates all lending channels while swiftly and compliantly managing your document flow.

Our Enterprise Mortgage Point-of-Sale Reimagines the Borrower Experience 

Meanwhile, we launched our ConsumerAssist™ Enterprise POS to answer the rising call for a single-source digital mortgage platform. With this POS, you can respond to the critical needs of borrowers today and provide an interactive, self-service experience that includes seamless and quick access to data on mortgage alternatives and requirements to pre-qualify for a loan. Borrowers today want visibility into what is happening in the lending process and a simple way to get their application done. With our POS, you can make that happen. To get an overview of our POS, watch here.

Now, mortgage lenders want to engage OpenClose’s single-source digital mortgage POS and LOS automation to develop and manage potential business leads. These institutions are seeking ways to expeditiously and accurately guide borrowers through the application process from Open to Close while tending to their bottom line by lowering loan-manufacturing expenses.

It’s Time to Meet Us at OpenClose

We want you to know OpenClose — “Your True Mortgage Technology Partner.”

Whether you are a bank, credit union or mortgage lender, we can show you how our innovative, configurable offerings will help you surpass your competitors and stay on top. To begin, get in touch with a member of our OpenClose family. Just contact us here today!