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OpenClose Receives Highest Overall Satisfaction and Lender Loyalty Score™


STRATMOR Group’s latest Technology Insight Survey, our LOS platform, POS, and PPE were ranked as having the highest Overall Satisfaction and Lender Loyalty Score™ out of any vendor surveyed in the mortgage industry!

The report covered multiple areas of mortgage technology, providing detailed evaluations of vendors in core areas of residential lending automation. Our mortgage software solution suite scored extremely well in all categories surveyed!

Key Findings in the Report:

  • We had the highest Overall Satisfaction rating out of all LOS vendors surveyed in the mortgage industry, scoring 9.7 out of 10, and had a perfect 100 Lender Loyalty Score™.

  • We were the only LOS provider that had zero outages reported.

  • In the POS category of the survey, we scored higher than any vendor for Overall Satisfaction at 9.4 out of 10 and had the best Lender Loyalty Score™ with 86 out of 100.

  • For front-end digital mortgage solutions, STRATMOR’s analysis of the Lender Loyalty Score™ for these systems shows us as the #1 vendor in Overall Satisfaction.

  • Our DecisionAssist™ PPE scored the highest in Overall Satisfaction and also touted a perfect 100 for its Lender Loyalty Score™.

  • We were also the only vendor to receive an LOS functionality score of 100% from users for ‘Availability of Help Desk’ and ‘Overall Customer Support’ as being “Highly Effective/Competitively Advantaged.”

The complete press release announcing the survey findings for OpenClose can be read here.