Social media for lenders: Tip 1 – Forget what you’ve learned

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Remember all those formulas you were forced to learn in your freshman calculus class? Of course you don’t. Why? Because when you thought to yourself “I’ll never need these in the real world,” you were right. Unless you were planning on being a physics professor or the like, those formulas were training your brain for higher learning. So when you no longer needed them, you purged them from your brain.

Similarly, you’ve learned much about social media in the past year or so. You read all that you could and attended the occasional webinar–all when you were trying to do your “real” job. Now you’re trained with the skills of being a social media professional. And professionals make their own observations and game plan, so take a fresh eye to social media and how to approach it to get to the next level.

What you’re after now should be fine-tuning those raw skills into a polished set that applies to your own brand. Your audience is different than the general population. Your offering is different than those of your competitors. You sit in a different market than you did a year ago. Ask yourself: is the older, more generalized information is still good for your strategy or does it need refinement?

The previous was a tip from the eBook “Avoiding the Social Media Sophomore Slump: a Next-Steps Guide for Financial Marketers”

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