Study: Banks lagging in social media

According to the latest research from a syndicated research report published by the Auriemma Consulting Group, Inc. (ACG), while businesses of all types are still learning to navigate the social media frontier, it seems that banks and credit card companies are lagging a bit behind other major business categories. The ACG study states that  banks and/or credit card companies are connected to just 9% of the social media population.

Study: Banks lagging in social media

Certainly, hesitancy by the industry as a whole can be expected based upon history. First of all, banks are notorious for being late to the game when it comes to integrating new technologies — granted often for good reason. There are so many branches, offices, and far reaching effects that when banks make a change they want to make sure it’s for the right reasons and will not require another change anytime soon.

Then there is the issue of security and safety of its depositors.

The good news is that now banks, credit unions, and mortgage lenders have a viable option when it comes to social media marketing with OpenClose Social. Viable because it eliminates all of the issues that lenders have seen as red flags.

OpenClose Social allows banks to safely and securely interact with their depositors and potential clients in a way they will feel secure. It includes, social media monitoring, competitive analysis, posting, Facebook apps and much more.