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The Merits of Choosing a True Mortgage Tech Partner

The Merits of Choosing a True Mortgage Tech Partner

For years, other Mortgage Loan Origination System (LOS) companies have been treating their customers as if they were actually the vendor. At OpenClose, we knew that this is not the way we wanted to conduct business. This is why, from the day we started the company in 1999, we have interacted with our customers the way they deserve to be treated.

OpenClose’s boutique business, innovative solutions and high touch customer service will remain for a very long time. Helping OpenClose endure is its role in being a true mortgage technology partner and not just a software vendor.

Both Jason Regalbuto, OpenClose CEO, and I elaborate on our commitment to furthering and improving our relationship with our customers in this video.

OpenClose is committed to providing innovative solutions that help you take full advantage of quality mortgage opportunities through lower pricing and quicker turn times. Through these remarkable attributes, all OpenClose partners are able to help borrowers realize the American dream of homeownership.

Jason conveys this vision of growth by reiterating OpenClose’s commitment to growing its team and on top of this, to add numerous new and exciting solutions to its product offerings in the coming years.

This is the core of OpenClose’s main commitment to our customers: To help them operate mortgage businesses more innovatively and efficiently.

From my perspective, after 20 plus years, the value in this approach has been clearly received. OpenClose is annually ranked No. 1 by independent ratings in two key business metrics that demonstrate how well we treat our customers — customer support and lender loyalty.

It does not matter whether you are a credit union, bank or mortgage lender, OpenClose will be an able and responsive mortgage technology partner that delivers premier service, industry-leading technology and solutions that can be configured to your needs.

If you are a credit union, OpenClose provides industry-leading customer support and satisfaction. We will serve as your true mortgage technology partner by offering you an effective way to present the products in your portfolio through our Native Product & Pricing Engine for POS and LOS. Our configurable POS solutions will make your brand resonate throughout your members’ mortgage application journey and allow you to drive more borrowers from application to decision due to its UI so you can drive more loans without having to spend more on marketing.

If you are a bank, OpenClose’s omnichannel mortgage solution suite will enhance your team’s ability to provide customers with an excellent hybrid experience for both online and in-branch transactions. Your bank will also be able to offer borrowers a fast and effective application experience leading up to loan closing. Our configurable solutions will make your loan officers more efficient while also offering our automated real-time verification services. Being the first SaaS-based mortgage technology, our customers have successfully engaged our platform from anywhere they are since 2003.

If you are either a retail or multi-channel mortgage lender, OpenClose’s easy-to-use origination portal will establish your firm as a preferred lender. It will not only increase your pull-through rates, but also reduce your time to close as it automates your communications.  We also offer your loan officers and brokers a branded POS that goes directly into your firm’s LOS.

No matter what type of institution you are, I invite you to get to know us up close. Familiarizing yourself with OpenClose and its array of solutions means saying goodbye to your mortgage technology vendor and hello to a “true mortgage technology partner.”

If you want to discover the benefits that OpenClose will bring to your business, I suggest that you connect with a member of our family. Use this link to book a discovery call or demo and let us show you how we have reimagined mortgage technology for your benefit.