The OpenClose Difference
We are your Long Term Partner

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What Makes OpenClose Different?

  • We listen to your ideas and act on them
  • Our support staff is knowledgeable and accessible
  • Our implementation team configures the platform to your unique needs
  • Our developers are innovators
  • Our integrations are completely seamless
  • Our business people possess both mortgage technology experience and first-hand mortgage banking experience

OpenClose is the last LOS that you’ll ever need and our customers will attest to that.

button 01OpenClose is a true end-to-end, multi-channel loan origination system (LOS). Unlike many mortgage lending software providers, our platform was built from the ground up using the same code base and architecture design. Many LOS providers attempt to create a comprehensive solution using different best-of-breed integrations or simply by way of vendor acquisitions.

Result: A mishmash of disparate technologies and multiple databases is avoided, thus enabling a seamless and highly efficient workflow that eliminates manual intervention and errors, ensures compliance, increases employee productivity, and decreases costs. Everything is native to our system.

button 01OpenClose is a 100% browser-based platform delivered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis.

Result: There are no software installs whatsoever. All components of the LOS can be accessed via a web browser anywhere, at any time, from any computer or mobile device. Many LOS providers claim to be completely browser and SaaS-based and will use terms like web-based/web-enabled/web-accessible; however, installs must still be done within your four walls, increasing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

button 01OpenClose is a multi-channel LOS platform that fully automates the retail, wholesale and correspondent lending channels — all from a single system. Most LOSs claim to do it, but they cannot.

Result: You have full control and visibility over all of your channels from a single platform and vendor. You can easily add new business channels or scale back on existing ones.

button 01OpenClose was built with compliance and security in mind to keep your data safe and adhere to changing regulations, TRID, QM/ATR rules, the CFPB, and other mandated regulations.

Result: You don’t need to worry about compliance. We do the thinking for you and provide detailed reporting in the event of an audit. Security breaches do not happen.

button 01OpenClose’s platform is highly flexible and scalable. The system can be custom-configured to your specific workflows for all business channels and it is proven to handle the needs of large lending organizations. And, we do all of the configuration for you.

Result: You can scale, flex, and adapt to changing marketplace conditions as you grow. Customer-side IT resources aren’t needed for us to implement; the onus of work is completed by our team, thus lowering your costs.

button 01OpenClose’s implementation times frames are swift. We are SaaS and browser-based. There is no Customer-side software to install. We average 60 to 90 days to implement, depending on the level of system customization.

Result: You’re up and running quickly, all staff is fully trained, there are no disruptions to operations, and the cost to implement is significantly reduced.

button 01OpenClose’s LenderAssist LOS was entirely built using the same code base. Everything is native to the platform.

Result: This enables us to provide a truly seamless workflow and complete control of data that reduces costs, eliminates manual touch points, and increases employee productivity. Loans are able to sail smoothly from the point-of-sale to underwriting, processing, closing, shipping, secondary marketing, and interim servicing.

button 01OpenClose employs staff that possess not just technology experience, but also mortgage banking experience working for actual lenders.

Result: Unlike many of our competitors, we fully understand the lending processes through-and-through, and as such, we are able to better assess unique customer needs and deliver a tailored solution with the business side in mind. We take a consultative, solution-crafting approach to our customers from the lender’s perspective. Not every lender has the same technology needs and business strategy. Our staff understands that.

button 01Founded in 1999, OpenClose has been owned, funded, and operated by the same founding principles since its inception. We are not a big, slow-moving software firm that is controlled by a large acquirer, and we are not an LOS company that has accepted a major cash infusion, which can affect the way business is conducted. We are an innovative, nimble, entrepreneurial company with ample resources on staff and highly responsive customer support.

Result: We can adjust much more quickly than large entities to effectively handle your changing needs and our support team is easily accessible. We aren’t bound by the controls of an organization’s acquirer or investment firm. You’ll never become “just a number” at OpenClose; you’ll always be a valued, long-term partner. When you call, we pick up the phone. And we listen to and act on customer ideas to add new features and services that better the system.