The Sky’s Not Falling. Your Mortgage Lending Profits Are.


By most estimates, mortgage rates were expected to climb this year, with rates on the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage predicted to exceed 5%. Instead, rates are now lower than they were this time in 2013 — much to the advantage of mortgage shoppers.

Yes the rates will rise again, and the nature of the lending business. You can’t control the rates from rising and falling, but you can better prepare for the demand. Many lenders overlook the one are that can help them reduce costs, control, spending, and maximize profits: their loan origination software.

What choices are your organization making? 
Are you taking advantage of the current rates with the most current lending software?  Open Close has developed a lending software that can stand the test of fluctuating markets. At a cost that won’t break the bank.  

We encourage you to take a look at OpenClose. It’s the fastest, easiest, most compliant way to maximize profits today and tomorrow regardless if rates rise or fall.  Ask us how.