Mortgage Ebook 2023

The Tough Questions to Ask Mortgage LOS Companies


No one wants buyer's remorse -- particularly when it can affect a lender's entire operation. Often the problem is not the mortgage software but the questions asked to mortgage software companies in the selection process. So, whether you're a credit union, bank or community bank, these are questions you should ask during the RFP process!

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What Our Customers Say

OpenClose streamlines operations for each business channel and makes it easy to manage all of our processes, which in turn lowers our cost to manufacture loans, maximizes our productivity and ultimately provides a better experience for the borrower.

Kevin Marconi,
Chief Operating Officer

United Fidelity Funding Corp.

I am consistently humbled by your support staff’s knowledge and response times, along with closely working alongside your implementation and executive teams to implement and improve OpenClose over the course of 2019.  OpenClose is truly a strategic partner for Johnson Financial Group.

Mike Rhyner,
VP, Lending Application Manager

Johnson Financial Group

We thank you, Tina and the OpenClose team for your efforts.  You have been very flexible with our needs. Everyone has been very helpful, quick to respond.  That means a lot to us!

Catherine C. Haughton,
Manager Mortgage Operations + Compliance

7 Mortgage

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RESTfulAPI Suite

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The 6 Tough Questions to Ask LOS Companies