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Website design: Change your Website from evil to good

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If you could significantly improve your website just by making a few tweaks, would you? If you answered “no” to that question then chances are it’s because you think your website is a “necessary evil” that you have one for your business because everyone does. Or perhaps you think generating online business for that matter — except for retail companies like Amazon and eBay — is just not right for you. Or perhaps you answered “yes” and concede that
it somehow makes people know your business is legitimate, but it’s more trouble than it’s worth updating because it doesn’t bring in any business. Or maybe you’re just like me: cheap.

Well if any of these scenarios is the case, and you’re not getting business from your website – it’s because the web has changed and so has the way people do business on the web. You just might be in website purgatory. So even if your website is old, dated, broken, not engaging or simply looks like hell – it can be saved.

You could just let your website sit there and collect dust like that expensive piece of exercise equipment in your bedroom that your signifi cant other uses to hang up their clothes. No we haven’t been in your bedroom, but we may have seen your site, and we likely didn’t like what we saw.

It’s not just your website, but most. Business websites are no longer just established to fi nd your contact info and show creditability. They are used to acquire leads and make sales.
But times are tough, editing your website is difficult, and website developers charge an arm and a leg you’re not going to spend one more dime to improve it, right? Well, good. Because you can do all of the things we mention for FREE. After all, it doesn’t cost money to get into Heaven
so why shouldn’t that apply to your website as well? So, I’ve compiled a list to improve your website and will focus on just that.

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